Dinky Dawgs Spring Cleaning

The release of the new Dinky Electro Cart is a massive triumph for us at Dinky Dawgs. We are so pleased to be able to share this huge carbon footprint trend for street food vendors worldwide. Our brand continues to grow in all the right directions as we strive to focus on eco rich solutions for cities just like ours already over saturated with smog emitting food trucks & rocketing gas prices. Our slick, new, environmentally sound hot dawg cart is certainly impressive on its own. Add to it a hot dawg that destroys the rest with our award winning, healthy Dinky Dawgs and you have a match made for food cart heaven.

Look for the Dinky Electro Carts in Kits Beach & Olympic Village all summer long!

Please contact us here with your questions at info@dinkydawgs.com

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